2, Mar 2007
cold cuts wrap

Basic turkey sandwich with deli cold cuts, but in a wrap. easy box lunch. I had it with chips and carrot sticks.

deli turkey
sliced swiss cheese
tomato-basil tortilla
romaine lettuce, mostly hearts
sweet-hot mustard
maple syrup

lay the tortilla
slice the turkey and cheese into lengthwise strips, for easier tortilla-rolling. put a line of mustard down the center of the tortilla. lay the turkey and cheese on top, and top with lettuce, as much as will fit in the wrap. drizzle a little maple syrup on the lettuce (the sweet syrup cuts the bitterness of the romaine hearts a little). grip the tortilla tightly as you roll, so the lettuce gets compacted and it will actually roll up. roll the wrap in the foil to hold it together.
Fine but unmemorable. It would be better to use meat simply grilled with spices and more of a variety of vegetables, and an interesting sauce. Microwaving it at work (wrapped in wax paper or plastic rather than foil of course) might melt the cheese a little.