25, Mar 2007
Banh Mi and Seaweed Sandwich Rolls

Using ingredients inspired by vietnamese food, particularly banh mi, I made seaweed rolls and baguette sandwiches to eat for lunches this week.

21, Mar 2007
salt and pepper shrimp with sticky mushroom rice

Another basic “rice with stuff” meal with some simple but tasty shrimp. Very easy, little prep, tasty, and makes good leftovers.

20, Mar 2007
coriander-cumin chicken, quinoa with mushrooms

The quinoa is basically the sort of rice dish I’ve been making lately, but with quinoa instead (I realized at the last minute I was out of rice). The chicken breasts were simply baked in a covered skillet on the stove top, but I first crusted them with coarsely ground…

18, Mar 2007
roasted chicken and vegetables with green rice

an impromptu dinner party for six: two roasted chickens, roasted carrots, parsnips, fennel, celery root and onion with bacon, green rice, and spicy chocolate ice cream.

11, Mar 2007
stuff wrapped in other stuff

I’ve been dissatisfied with my wraps involving tortillas lately, so I decided to experiment with something else, and picked up both some seaweed sheets and some rice paper wrappers. I laid out my ingredients on the table and just combined them in various ways to make rolls

10, Mar 2007
not-grilled chicken and vietnamese salad

Another salad topped with meat, this time chicken. I didn’t have the time to stand over the stove grilling the chicken in the grill pan, so instead I basically stir fried it in almost no oil, trying to keep it dry. I had the chicken over a typical salad with…

9, Mar 2007
vietnamese beef wrap

A sandwich wrap with vietnamese-inspired flavor

8, Mar 2007
vietnamese beef salad

A salad with vietnamese-inspired flavors, topped with thin slices of grilled beef.

2, Mar 2007
spaghetti with meat sauce

Basic spaghetti. I wanted to do something good but fairly easy, so I made meat sauce rather than bother with full-on meatballs. The sauce is based on a mix, with various things added.

2, Mar 2007
cold cuts wrap

Basic turkey sandwich with deli cold cuts, but in a wrap. easy box lunch. I had it with chips and carrot sticks.