16, Feb 2008
Stir-fried Baby Bok Choy with Mushrooms

A simple vegetable dish, good with rice and accompanying some grilled meat. Starting with the shallots and garlic on medium and including some butter gives it a nice flavorful base, and including a little sugar and maple syrup gives it a nice hint of sweet.

8, Feb 2008
Vietnamese Pork Salad with Carrot Relish

E and I were looking for a fairly simple and healthy meal to make for my parents that would show off some of our favorite flavors. We love Vietnamese food and are big fans of pork in all its incarnations, and eventually (after some debating in the aisles at the…

8, Feb 2008
Vietnamese Carrot Relish

This recipe makes a simple relish which is good as a side with meat, or as part of a salad. I came up with the idea one day when I’d grilled some meat and wanted a side, and happened to have nuoc cham in the house. The flavors of the…

8, Feb 2008
Nuoc Cham

There are lots of recipes for nuoc cham, but this one worked pretty well for tonight’s recipe.