30, Jun 2009
Fried Rice of the Day: Barley & Tofu

Ever since some shockingly good fried rice in Maui, we’ve been making fried rice at home more often as a great “so, what’s in the fridge?” fallback. Of course, it’s different every time, but I mean to start taking notes. Last night’s was pretty good, but it actually wasn’t fried…

27, Jun 2009
Berbere Chana

We made chana masala recently that was pretty good. I also recently tried making berbere, the Ethiopian spice combo, as part of a project to try some Ethiopian cooking. For lunch today, I wanted something quick, easy, and reasonably healthy, so I threw this together. It came out good. A…

27, Jun 2009

In my quest to try making some Ethiopian food, I started with making Berbere, the spice combo used in a number of dishes. For my first attempt, I started with the first recipe on this page. But it seemed kind of nutso — I mean, over a cup of cayenne…

16, Jun 2009
Pad Thai

We adapted this recipe from Asian Noodles. It’s pretty easy and pretty good. Authentic? Ketchup? But anyway, it’s good for when we have leftover chicken or tofu and some veggies.