12, Jul 2009
Southwestern Chicken Salad

I decided to follow the basic approach of the recent larb and baked wonton recipes — grinding up and sauteeing some chicken, making a salad by adding fresh and pungent ingredients — but using sort-of southwestern vegetables and flavors. The result was pretty good, accompanied with beans, tortilla chips, and…

11, Jul 2009
Mediterranean Chicken Patties

We wanted to do a sort of pita-sandwich-falafel type thing with chicken and came up with the following recipe. The patties came out very good, and we snacked on them for several days. The recipe was completely ad hoc, so there basically aren’t any amounts here. Ingredients chicken patties 1…

11, Jul 2009
Day After Larb Salad

A couple days after making the larb, I wanted to make a quick and fresh salad with the leftovers. I basically freshened the larb with more veggies and some nuoc cham and it was delicious again! This especially made sense because the larb dried out and mellowed a bit from…

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7, Jul 2009
Baked Wontons

We’ve had luck baking wonton wrappers in the oven to make chips, so we decided why not try putting something in the wontons. These came out pretty good, nice and crispy at the corners and chewier in the middle. They were a little oily, I think just because I’d brushed…

7, Jul 2009

After last week’s chicken patties, we wanted to try some more ground chicken dishes, and larb came to mind. I looked at a few recipes and ended up basing mine off this one. I hadn’t had larb in a long time, but the first bite brought it right back. It’s…

4, Jul 2009
July 4 Short Ribs

Short ribs don’t really require much to be good. This was your basic simple asian marinade, grilled. They came out good, but next time I want to do more Korean bulgogi-style. Also, I should have dried the ribs more so they charred a little better. Still, yum.