30, Nov 2008
Brown Rice Congee

Ever since the pho rice soup, I’ve been wanting to experiment with congee recipes. Congee is basically a kind of rice porridge, and it’s made by cooking the rice in a lot of liquid for a very long time. As with the pho rice soup, I decided to cook the…

23, Nov 2008
Pho Leftovers Rice Soup

I am still not satisfied with the results from my pho experiments, and the last batch of broth has been sitting in the fridge uneaten. However, even if it’s not good enough for a bowl of pho, we figured it’d make a great base for something else. So we improvised…

22, Nov 2008
Lemon Leaf

We usually stop at Lemon Leaf after an Ikea trip (it’s right down the street). The food is not bad — somewhat hit or miss — and the service is friendly but very slow. So today we learned the true secret: go to the Lemon Leaf Deli next door and…

19, Nov 2008
Pepper-crusted Pork Tenderloin

We’ve been cooking pork tenderloin a lot recently. It’s fairly lean meat, and it makes good leftovers. E usually either does a hoisin glaze (like the chicken) or something with rosemary, but we decided to try the classic steak treatment of mustard and cracked black pepper.

19, Nov 2008
Roasted Gai Lan

We had gai lan (Chinese broccoli, though it’s not that broccoli-like) a couple of weeks ago at a dim sum place, and started speculating on how it would work roasted. I like gai lan (I also like broccoli stems, which are kind of similar), but at dim sum the gai…