15, Apr 2007
Supernatural Brownies

I made this brownie recipe from the NYT. The only change I made was to add a bit of salt (1/2 tsp larger-crystal kosher salt, in addition to the 1/2 tsp called for).

15, Apr 2007
Skillet-baked Chicken

I’m still looking for a good basic way to cook boneless chicken breasts that leaves them useful for leftover eating throughout the week. I had some breasts that were going to go past their prime soon, so I decided to do something simple and then figure out what to do…

15, Apr 2007
Grilled Beef Short Ribs

I’ve been experimenting with various cuts of beef and pork lately, trying to get something thin and tasty good for sandwiches in the banh mi tradition. I got some beef short ribs that were cut english style, which meant it wasn’t too difficult for me to cut away the bone,…

14, Apr 2007
Crispy Oatmeal-Anise Cookies

For some reason, I suddenly developed a craving for some oatmeal cookies a few weeks ago. I wanted these oatmeal cookies to be excitingly flavorful, without relying on chocolate chips (which I usually put in oatmeal cookies; I detest raisins in baked goods1), and to be thin and crispy rather…