30, Jul 2007
Roasted Chicken and Fennel

I’ve been grilling a lot of chicken lately, but I seem to be out of gas for the grill, so tonight I used the oven instead. I just got some new spices and so did a little experimenting. I also added some roasted fennel, onion, and garlic to the mix.…

15, Jul 2007
Shrimp Cake

The shrimp-stuffed peppers weren’t exactly a success, but the paste was pretty tasty when scooped out of the pepper and spread on bread or something. So I decided to try making some straight and working on the flavor. I decided to experiment with a cakier consistency, on the theory that…

15, Jul 2007
Stir-fried Shiitakes, Carrots, and Celery

I was making grilled chicken and salad for dinner and wanted a good flavorful vegetable side. This one was simple and came out pretty good. I’d just finished drying the jalapeno guts left over from my stuffed peppers, so I used those along with black pepper, cumin, and fennel.

12, Jul 2007
Super-Jalapeno Brined Chicken

Another week, another brining experiment. This was one more experiment to see how much flavor could soak in the with brine. But even a whole bunch of jalapeno peppers didn’t have much effect. Even after brining for over 24 hours. So I think the overall verdict is: just brine it…

7, Jul 2007
Vietnamese Shrimp-Stuffed Peppers

So I had the idea somehow of stuffing peppers with a sort of vietnamese-flavored paste of, like, shrimp and stuff. The basic idea sort of formed in my mind, and then I just picked up the ingredients and made it up as I went along. The basic elements are: stuffed…

5, Jul 2007
Coconut-Ginger Ice Cream Sandwiches

E had the idea of making ice cream sandwiches for July 4th, and I suggested coconut ice cream with ginger snaps. Coconut ice cream turns out to be very simple, and we added diced crystallized ginger to the ice cream just because it sounded like a good idea. Based on…

2, Jul 2007
Noodles with Peanut Sauce

My routine on gym nights is usually an apple or a piece of bread before going, and then something simple and homey like noodles after I get home. I’m a sucker for noodles with peanut sauce, but haven’t really hit on something great. Combining peanut butter with soy and sriracha…

1, Jul 2007
Barbecue Brined Chicken

basically another try at my last grilled brined chicken recipe. I skipped the cajun power this time, but it was otherwise pretty close.