1, Mar 2007
grilled chicken wrap

A simple sandwich wrap of grilled chicken and usual sandwich ingredients. I had it with chips and red grapes.

about one chicken breast, sliced to about 1/4″ thickness
tomato-basil tortilla
half an anaheim pepper, cut into long strips
carrot, cut into long strips
tomato slices
italian parsley
grated cheese
black pepper, mustard

I’d actually made the chicken the night before. Cut it think and spice it with some salt and black pepper, or any spice you like. Grill on the stovetop on a ridged pan with no oil (or a tiny amount brushed across the pan) until cooked through. lay the chicken, some sliced tomato, carrots, pepper, parsley, etc in the tortilla, add some mustard and black pepper, and grated cheese. roll up the tortilla (wrap in foil for easier handling if needed).
It’s a decent sandwich-type lunch but (a) my tortilla-rolling skills are lacking something; and (b) the wrap doesn’t really seem to hang together (aesthetically, not physically). It just seems like some stuff in a tortilla. Microwaving tortillas for 20-30 seconds beforehand may make them easier to handle, helping with the first problem. For the second, heating it and letting the cheese melt through, using more of a sauce, or some filler like sticky rice may make it feel like more of a unit. Not sure. Verdict: fine but unmemorable.