21, Mar 2007
salt and pepper shrimp with sticky mushroom rice

Another basic “rice with stuff” meal with some simple but tasty shrimp. Very easy, little prep, tasty, and makes good leftovers.

The rice was basically the same recipe I’ve done several times recently, including yesterday with quinoa rather than rice. I tried adding quartered garlic cloves to the rice, but it was really a mistake — you can do it with brown rice, which cooks for 45 minutes, but with white rice that only cooks for 20, the garlic remains too potent.
The shrimp were defrosted and dried as much as possible, and tossed with salt and black pepper. They were then quick fried in a hot skillet with almost no oil to keep them dry. I threw in large slices of green onions, though they wilted more than I intended — I probably should have tossed them in at the last minute and left them closer to raw.