11, Mar 2007
stuff wrapped in other stuff

I’ve been dissatisfied with my wraps involving tortillas lately, so I decided to experiment with something else, and picked up both some seaweed sheets and some rice paper wrappers. I laid out my ingredients on the table and just combined them in various ways to make rolls

ground beef, sauteed w/o oil (so it’s dry rather than greasy) with minced garlic and jalapenos, and ground anise and fennel seed
leftover non-grilled chicken
sushi rice, prepared and stirred with some vinegar and sugar
steamed “asparation” (that broccoli/asparagus stuff) and snow peas
enoki mushrooms
carrots cut in long thin strips
cilantro, chopped
romaine lettuce, cut in long strips
red onion, chopped in medium pieces
rice paper wrappers
seaweed sheets

For the seaweed sheets, lay the sheet down shiny side down. About an inch from one side, make a long base of rice. Lay ingredients on top of the rice, then roll up the seaweed. If you wet the end slightly, it will stick to itself. For the rice paper wraps, soak one in warm water until it softens, then lay it carefully on wax paper. Pile up your ingredients in a line near one side. Fold the side over, then the ends, then roll the whole thing.
The asparation worked very well in the wraps, especially the seaweed. I made a couple of rolls that were rice and asparation, along with enoki and carrots. The chicken was fairly good, but the beef didn’t really work (though it was better in the rice paper wraps than the seaweed). The problem with the whole thing is the amount of labor involved in each wrap. It’s kind of fun to do with friends, but it gets a little monotonous if you’re doing it by yourself, hoping to make enough to eat for leftovers all week.