15, Apr 2007
Grilled Beef Short Ribs

I’ve been experimenting with various cuts of beef and pork lately, trying to get something thin and tasty good for sandwiches in the banh mi tradition. I got some beef short ribs that were cut english style, which meant it wasn’t too difficult for me to cut away the bone, and then try to slice the meat somewhat thinly. I marinated the strips in a mix of fish sauce, vinegar, sriracha, ginger, lemon grass, and maple syrup, and then grilled them on my grill pan at medium-high heat.

They taste really good, very flavorful, though when I went to grill the quantity of marinade kind of dulled the grill-pan effect. I should do dry rubs (probably brushing the pan with oil) or at least let them dry off a bit more. Some of the pieces were too thick to grill the way I wanted, and the pieces were fatty and a bit tough to chew. So, tasty but not really a success.