15, Apr 2007
Skillet-baked Chicken

I’m still looking for a good basic way to cook boneless chicken breasts that leaves them useful for leftover eating throughout the week. I had some breasts that were going to go past their prime soon, so I decided to do something simple and then figure out what to do with the cooked meat later. I mixed a handful each of fine kosher salt and fresh-ground black pepper with a few handsful of flour, along with a bit of chili powder, and dredged each chicken breast in the mixture.

I heated olive oil to medium-high in a skillet, then seared the chicken on either side for 1-2 minutes (sprinkling with a bit more black pepper), then covered, reduced to medium, and cooked until done. The chicken came out pretty good, delicious when hot, and fairly moist, but as usual being a bit dry the next day for leftovers. Though part of the secret is just knowing when it’s done — cooking on the stovetop makes that aspect a little easier than baking in the oven at least.