12, Jul 2007
Super-Jalapeno Brined Chicken

Another week, another brining experiment. This was one more experiment to see how much flavor could soak in the with brine. But even a whole bunch of jalapeno peppers didn’t have much effect. Even after brining for over 24 hours. So I think the overall verdict is: just brine it simply, and save the flavor for the basting sauce. As an experiment, I also added a little red food coloring to the brine to see how much it would soak in.

4 chicken breasts, bone-in and skin-on (about 2 lbs)
4 c warm water
1/2 c kosher salt
1/2 c brown sugar
1/4 c red wine vinegar
1/4 c fish sauce
7 roasted de-seeded jalapeno peppers (red, yellow, green), minced
basting sauce
minced apricots, molasses, soy, red wine vinegar

as usual, mix the salt and sugar into the water in a plastic container, until dissolved. add the other stuff. add the chicken. put on the top and put it in the fridge for 6-24 hours. take it out, make the basting sauce, and baste the chicken. grill it, basting regularly, and enjoy.
good, but the jalapeno flavor was pretty vague. brining isn’t the way to add flavor. the red color did color the skin, and it was visible in the cooked chicken, but it didn’t soak into the meat at all. in case you were curious.