27, Aug 2007

Another of E’s planned stops was at Delfina, a packed, friendly Italian place in the mission district. The place was loud and jolly, though just short of being too loud. Everything here was good. The menu is grouped into antipasti, salads, sides, pastas, and main courses; we didn’t feel up to tackling more than a couple of appetizers and some pasta (and planned on going to Bi-Rite for dessert). We had:

A boar sausage appetizer that had the sausage skewered between two grilled squares of bread and topped with very flavorful tomatoes.
Gioia burrata with fagiolini and “pane pomodoro”. E says they make the burrata in house — it’s a soft, fresh mozzarella-like cheese. This dish went really well with the sausage.
Rosemary tagliatelle with guinea hen ragu and vin santo. They were actually out of the tagliatelle, so I got it with a (non-rosemary) penne-like pasta.
Pansotti with a cream-walnut sauce. We both expected this to be overwhelmingly rich, as many cream-sauce dishes are, but it was fairly light for a cream sauce. The walnut flavor was really good and took it beyond a regular ol pasta-in-cream-sauce dish.