27, Aug 2007
The House

Monday was a walking tour of chinatown, north beach, waterfront, russian hill, union square, etc. We read some good reviews of an “asian fusion” places called The House and decided to stop by. The decor was beautiful, lots of light wood and that pale yellowish lime green color I now pavlovishly associate with good asian (particularly vietnamese) food. The menu was interesting and the food good, though the best thing we had was the simple sashimi salad, with the other two dishes being interesting but not perfect. We had:

Hamachi sashimi salad. large slices of hamachi on greens, with a wasabi-soy dressing. Simple and very good. The sashimi was fresh, and the dressing was perfect.
Warm wasabi house noodles with grilled pork. Basically udon noodles in a fairly heavy soy-based sauce with thick pieces of pork (tenderloin). It was a little heavy and salty — I think my recent plunge into vietnamese cuisine has turned me away from the more chinese-ish heavier saltier stuff a bit.
Unagi avocado sandwich. I had this, large pieces of unagi and thick slices of avocado on lightly-grilled bread (crunchy outside but still basically soft inside, not fully toasted, very good). it was a good sandwich, though the avocado was a bit much (and made things slippery and prone to fall apart). It tasted great, but unagi being a fairly strong flavor, a whole sandwich worth was a bit much.

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