12, Aug 2007
Turkey and Tomato Sandwich On Kroot

It’s not really en croute, so I won’t call it that. Not too long ago I picked up some mountain rice bread at central market. It’s pretty great stuff, unlike anything I’ve gotten before. It’s significantly thinner than a tortilla or similar, but stronger and more flexible. They’re fairly healthy too. Anyway, I wanted to try making a sandwich in one of these, almost like a wonton or en croute dish, and it came out pretty good. we’d made turkey burgers the night before, so I used that, but of course lots of things would be good.

1 sheet of mountain flat bread
1/3 lb ground turkey
1/2 large tomato
grated parmesan, olive oil, salt, ground black pepper, garlic, italian parsley, green onions

dice parsley, garlic, green onions. mix with the turkey, and add salt and pepper. form into a thin patty. fry in olive oil on medium high. remove from pan and pat dry. cut one thick slice of tomato, and fry in the oil, adding salt and pepper, until the skin comes off and it just starts to fall apart. lay out the flatbread and put the patty in the middle, with the tomato slice on top, topped by salt, pepper, and parmesan to taste. fold in the corners of the flatbread one at a time, moistening slightly so they stick together. fry the sandwich folded side down in olive oil on medium for a few minutes. do not burn! meanwhile, dice some of the tomato and fry it in some olive oil with garlic and pepper for a few minutes. plate the sandwich folded side up, topped with the tomato salsa and parmesan.
except that I slightly burned the sandwich while I was making the salsa, it was very good. I also put the tomato under the patty and it ended up soaking through — putting it on the folded side should do a little better. next time, I’d probably make the patty more flavorful and add jalapeno or something to the salsa. some basil in the sandwich might be good as well. but basically, this should work with all sorts of food combinations, like any sandwich. It did look really good when plated.