24, Aug 2007
Zuni Cafe

E was very excited to go to Zuni Cafe in SF, since she has their cookbook and had never been there before. We had a lunch reservation on friday (yes, you need a lunch reservation). It’s a nice space, a triangular building on a market st corner, with lots of big windows and a kitchen right in the middle with a huge brick oven. E had a salad; it was good, but I forget what was in it. I had the burger with gruyere on rosemary focaccia, and she had the chicken and tomato sandwich. I thought everything there was solid and good, with no special standouts. I liked the way her sandwich was constructed, on very very thin grilled bread with thin slices of chicken and tomato. The only problem I had with it was that the chicken was sort of bland and colorless, entirely dominated by the tomato. for dessert, we had a peach ice cream that was really really good and reminded me of home (yes, I’m a peach state native).

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