25, Sep 2007
Pegasus Pizza

Recovering from a dinner party extravaganza and a day of pajamas and football, E and I decided to get pizza at west seattle’s much-praised Pegasus Pizza. If I hadn’t known it was well-regarded, I would have been worried when we walked in, since the place exuded every cliche of the cheezy/crappy pizza place, down to the walls, like, painted to resemble the crumbling walls of ancient roman ruins. maybe it’s ironic, I thought. the style there is “deep dish” whatever that really means; in this case, it means that sort of thick but fluffy (i.e. not dense) crust, which I’m not really crazy about. Maybe if you like that, you’d like their crust. But crust aside, I thought the sauce was anemic and the whole thing was drowned in cheese. You could barely find the sauce in all that cheese. The sausage we had was pretty good, but the mushrooms were sort of.. well I don’t want to use the word “slimy” but they were unusually moist. And to cap it all off, the menu doesn’t let you just choose your own toppings, but you have to choose from 20-30 standard combos (sausage and mushroom! sausage and pepperoni and mushroom! but eg no sausage and onion). does that, like, really save them any time or money? whatever. oh and ps, pizza this thick in cheese really does not fare well the next day; and I consider next-day pizza one of the hidden perks of getting a good pizza.
Imagine my surprise to find that this place has five stars on citysearch. it seemed so improbable I figured they’d written their own reviews, but no, they look real. No wonder seattle doesn’t have better pizza — people don’t know it when they see it.