10, Sep 2007
Sweet Potato Kroot with Peach

Kroot experiments continue. This one uses sweet potatoes for the bulk of the filling, with some mushrooms for a little extra interest. For a little interesting contrast, I added a bit of fresh peach and some mango chutney. As usual, the kroot concept makes for a nice-looking plate.

half a large sweet potato, quartered and sliced medium-thick
4-6 crimini mushrooms, stemmed, halved, and sliced
half a peach, diced large, with two slices reserved (for garnish)
mango chutney
1 slice mountain flatbread
olive oil, salt, pepper

stir fry the sweet potato and mushrooms in olive oil until the potatoes are soft. add salt and pepper to taste. when it’s almost done, add the diced peach for a minute or two. lay the bread flat and spoon the potato/mushroom mix into the center. fold the corners over and stick them together with some water dabbed on. drop that into the heated oil, folded side down and leave it for a couple of minutes. flip (folded side should be golden brown and all sealed together now) and give it another minute. serve on a plate with folded side up, topped with a couple slices of peach and some mango chutney.
The peach was a last-minute idea which I think worked fairly well — the peach flavor in the kroot was a pleasant surprise, and the extra slices made a nice presentation. The one drawback was the flavor overall wasn’t that interesting. The consistency was good though, so I think I’d do this again, exploring flavors more. I like curry flavors with squash or sweet potatoes, so bringing in some red curry paste might be nice (maybe not with the peach though).