20, Jun 2008
Jack’s Tapas Cafe (Mainly Chinese)

The strip of University Way between 50th and Ravenna has a surprising number of interesting-looking little restaurants along it. E and I tried one of the more amusing ones last night, Jack’s Tapas Cafe. The sign helpfully adds “mainly Chinese”, and in fact it’s entirely Chinese. The tapas in question are basically appetizers. The menu, plus the extensive specials board, contains a lot of interesting-sounding things (with scant descriptions). We ended up with a dish of chives, fried tofu, and shredded pork, which was unusual and pretty good. We also had ginger and onion beef, which was good, though not a standout. Fair pot stickers. The place gets good reviews, and I’m willing to believe there are some gems on the menu, but we weren’t too overwhelmed.