27, Sep 2008
Ono Gelato Company (Maui)

We stopped at Ono Gelato twice during our time in Maui and tried the: seamist (tea and lime with a little mint and lemongrass), lilikoi (aka passionfruit), lemon, sour cream, and ferrero rocher. The lilikoi was amazing; E loved it, and she’s a huge passionfruit fan. I thought it was delicious, even better than the actual fruit (I don’t like the fruit as much as E, who ate it at every possible opportunity when we were in Vietnam). The seamist was very good. My first bite had a definite tea flavor, but as I ate it, the strong lime edged out all the other flavors. I love lime, but it was almost too bold and strong — it’d be good paired with a quieter flavor, or they might even try dialing it back and giving the tea, mint, and lemongrass a little more room. The lemon was very good. The sour cream was.. interesting. It didn’t taste like sour cream as such, but was interestingly creamy. The fererro rocher was very good too. All in all, worth multiple visits, and pretty much the only thing we could find worthwhile in Paia.

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