26, Aug 2007

E and I met up with my friends V and J and all went to Limon, a peruvian restaurant (my idea, for once). I’d never had peruvian before, but I’d heard about it enough to be eager to try (Seattle had one peruvian place, which I tried to go to several times, but which has now disappeared). Anyway, we had:

Ceviche de Pescado. Fresh raw halibut marinated in lime juice, served with yam and Peruvian corn. This was really really good. The fish was very good quality, and the flavor was great. Peruvian corn turns out to be huge corn, which was cool, but it was sort of mushy in consistency and not very corn-tasting; not sure if that’s the way it generally is or what.
Tatara de Atun. Diced sushi grade Ahi Tuna, diced pears, roasted bell peppers and pine nuts tossed in sesame oil with aji Amarillo vinaigrette and wonton points.
Anticucho de Pulpito. Aji panca marinated baby octopus, grilled and served over chimichurri mashed potatoes, with Peruvian Adresso sauce. Good, but way way over-salted.
Lomo Saltodo. Traditional Peruvian dish of Top Sirloin slices sautéed with onions, tomatoes and fries, served with a side of rice. This was kind of a big mix-up of all the ingredients, including the fries. Simple, but good flavor.
Arroz con Mariscos. Clams, scallops, mussels, shrimp and calamari cooked with saffron rice in a pepper shrimp sauce.