21, Oct 2008
Wasabi-Honey Yogurt Sauce

We’re working on dipping sauces for fun and kid-friendliness. I like wasabi and have always wanted to figure out how to work it into cooking, but have never had much success. A yogurt base with a bit of wasabi and some honey to balance seemed like it would make a good dipping sauce.

2 tbsp whole milk yogurt
1 tsp wasabi powder (pure wasabi, with no additional ingredients)
1 tsp water
2 tsp honey

Mix the wasabi powder with the water to make a paste and let stand for ten minutes to get flavorful. Mix the wasabi with the yogurt to taste. Add a dollop of honey and mix thoroughly.
This sauce comes out a lovely pale green, with a bit of wasabi burn balanced by the mildness of the yogurt and the sweetness of the honey. It’s easy to regulate how much burn you want when you add the wasabi.