23, Jan 2016
Banana Bread

From this Stonyfield recipe. I decreased the sugar and added mini chocolate chips. I think I’d also increase the cinnamon and add a little nutmeg and clove. I like this one because it uses yogurt, though the consistency isn’t ideal. Ingredients 3/4 c Greek Plain Yogurt 1/2 c sugar 1/3…

25, May 2015
Fake Shack Burger

I made this fake Shake Shack burger recipe (from Epicurious by way of Smitten Kitchen) and it was about perfect. I did it on a cast iron griddle on the grill, which saved a lot of kitchen cleanup.

26, Feb 2014
Cookie Dough

One of the best things about making cookies, for me, is picking at the dough. But it has raw eggs in it, which you’re not supposed to eat, so I decided to come up with a better recipe for cookie dough. I decided to make them as freezer cookies —…

1, Dec 2013
Pecan Pie

I’ve been craving pecan pie, and thanksgiving was the perfect excuse to make one. The last time I made a pecan pie, it involved a whole lot of corn syrup. I wanted to skip the corn syrup, so I looked around for recipes and ended up finding this one. It…

28, Jul 2013

Another iteration of this recipe. The main change is that I left out the pretzels and instead used 1 tsp of very coarse sea salt (which results in occasional salt-crunch-bombs as you chew). I also sprinkled a little flaky sea salt and turbinado sugar on top. Baking time was more…

20, Jan 2012

I made another try at these blondies, with some hints from this attempt and a little influence from the Momofuku cookie. The result was almost perfect. I think next time I won’t bother with chocolate-covered pretzels, just using plain ones, and I’ll add espresso beans or chocolate-with-espresso-beans for a little…

21, May 2011
Kitchen Sink Cookies

This recipe is inspired by the Momofuku compost cookie. I wanted something that was thicker and chewier (the compost cookie is thin and almost creamy in its texture, and a little crumbly) and a little darker, saltier, and less sweet. I started with this recipe, which came out so good…

30, Jan 2011
Brownies from Bon Appetit

These are billed on the cover of the February 2011 Bon Appetit as “Best-ever brownies. Warning: you will eat the entire tray.” They really are very good and only a little more complicated than my standard brownie recipe. Due to temporary confusion, I actually made them with 1 c white…

14, Nov 2010
Rye Pretzels

These came out really good the first time, both hot out of the oven and later once they’d cooled. We’d like to try different flours. We did one batch with salt and pepper, which was very good too. We also want to try making pretzels dogs because, hey, pretzel dogs.…

30, May 2010
Fried Chicken Bites

  I decided to try my new fried chicken technique on boneless breast. Since it has no skin, I figured I’d try a coating of corn starch, and I thought it made more sense to fry the chicken in bite-size chunks than to just try frying a big slab of…