11, Jul 2009
Day After Larb Salad

A couple days after making the larb, I wanted to make a quick and fresh salad with the leftovers. I basically freshened the larb with more veggies and some nuoc cham and it was delicious again! This especially made sense because the larb dried out and mellowed a bit from when it was fresh. This should work with whatever’s in the fridge, and nuoc cham, plain fish sauce, lime juice, etc. I thought about putting this in baked wonton cups but had places to be.


2 c leftover larb
1 c leftover brown rice
lettuce leaves, in thin strips
red cabbage, coarsely chopped
napa cabbage, in thin strips
thai basil, coarsely chopped
cilantro, coarsely chopped
ground peanuts, a mix of coarse and fine
nuoc cham
red pepper flakes


Put everything in a bowl. Mix. Adjust to taste. Eat.

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