21, May 2011
Kitchen Sink Cookies

This recipe is inspired by the Momofuku compost cookie. I wanted something that was thicker and chewier (the compost cookie is thin and almost creamy in its texture, and a little crumbly) and a little darker, saltier, and less sweet. I started with this recipe, which came out so good a few weeks ago. The only difference is in place of the 8oz (1 cup) chocolate chips, I used 1.5-2 cups of assorted: semisweet chips, very dark chocolate (82%, with espresso beans), heath bar, Tim’s potato chips, pretzels, peanuts, and smoked almonds, all coarsely chopped. The result is pretty good. The dark chocolate with espresso is really good — when you hit a chunk, you really taste it. The other stuff is a bit lost, and I think I actually could have put more salty in the mix. Also, this time the butter wasn’t as cold as the last time (I’d just picked it up at the store), and so the cookies spread more and were flatter than last time. Keeping the butter cold is essential to this recipe; refrigerating the dough would probably help too.