25, May 2015
Fake Shack Burger

I made this fake Shake Shack burger recipe (from Epicurious by way of Smitten Kitchen) and it was about perfect. I did it on a cast iron griddle on the grill, which saved a lot of kitchen cleanup.

3, Jul 2011
Banh Mi

Ingredients Baguettes Paté Vietnamese grilled pork Pickled jalapenos Pickled cabbage Directions Slice the baguettes open along one side. Spread one half with paté. Add jalapenos, pork, and cabbage. Eat.

21, Jan 2011
Chicken and tomato sandwich

Lately, I often have to make dinner in a 30-minute window, while keeping a toddler company, using ingredients at home or stuff I can pick up with a quick stop at the market. I improvised this one because I knew the thinly-sliced chicken would be fast to cook and easy…

11, Jul 2009
Mediterranean Chicken Patties

We wanted to do a sort of pita-sandwich-falafel type thing with chicken and came up with the following recipe. The patties came out very good, and we snacked on them for several days. The recipe was completely ad hoc, so there basically aren’t any amounts here. Ingredients chicken patties 1…