25, May 2015
Fake Shack Burger

I made this fake Shake Shack burger recipe (from Epicurious by way of Smitten Kitchen) and it was about perfect. I did it on a cast iron griddle on the grill, which saved a lot of kitchen cleanup.

4, Mar 2013
Grilled Lemongrass Pork

This is based on the lemongrass pork chop recipe in Charles Phan’s Vietnamese Home Cooking. I haven’t tried it with bone-in chops but it is amazing with pork shoulder. The fat really crisps up well and it acquires an amazing glaze from the sugar. Good with a salad, in banh…

3, Jul 2011
Grilled Chicken Wings

I tried this recipe except without the sauce, since I like dry chickeny chicken wings without too much sauce. Unfortunately, dry is what I got — the results were dry and hard; some of the thicker pieces are edible, but none of them is what you’d call a great chicken…

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3, Jul 2011
Thit Nuong – Vietnamese Grilled Pork

I followed this recipe. I used boneless country ribs (aka pork butt), sliced to about 1/4″. I also haven’t yet found a “meat cage” the right size (might have to make one), so just laid them on the grill. I also cannot for the life of me mince lemongrass properly;…

9, Nov 2010
Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

This chicken was inspired by a good Vietnamese vermicelli bowl and is meant to be good served that way or over rice. Would work well with nuoc cham or barbecue sauce (or this one) for dipping. I tried to cut the chicken in chunks and thread them on metal skewers,…

24, Jan 2010
Kalbi with Pork Country Ribs

I wanted to try making kalbi, but with something a little less fatty than short ribs. I started with this recipe and decided to try it with boneless pork country ribs. Other than that, I left the recipe alone. They came out pretty good. The country ribs are a lot…